General Director

The pedagogia turned around the mistagogia, of the propaganda fidei and the education of the Portuguese. Not obstante, the priests also learned the native language to facilitate to the communication and the aboriginal domination. To the few, the Jesuits had been constructing to schools of medium and great part in almost all the territory known in the colony. Click Melido Perez to learn more. It was a European pedagogical model that lasted two hundred years more than, until the arrival of the Marquis of Pigeon house. With the Marquis, in 1759, Jesuits had been expulsos of Brazil, desestruturando the effective educational model until then. The Company passed the control of the education in the colonies for the State.

The first step of Pigeon house was to confiscate the goods and the schools of the Jesuits. After that, the regal lessons of Latin, Greek, Philosophy and rhetoric to suppress the lack left with the exit of the Jesuits had been proposals. The population, however, complained the lack of structure in education and the Jesuits. Pigeon house still created the figure of a General Director of Studies for Portugal and its colonies that the responsibility would have to co-ordinate the education and to pay the professors. The chaos was established.

The system of lessons regal, with only professor and given separately, desfacelou the Jesuit pedagogia. Each time more badly prepared, the laypeople took account of the schools and the educational initiatives, saved in the seminaries and religious houses that sobraram in the colony. The proposals of modernization in education had been applied only in Portugal. In Brazil the retrocession was felt: the Jesuits who they had left the colony had formed the laypeople for the activity of ' ' mestres' ' , therefore, the figurantes had been changed, but the paper was the same. The regal lessons were not disentailed total of the Jesuit ideal: in the Latin a orientation it was only to serve as instrument of aid to the Portuguese language, the Greek one was indispensable the theologians, lawyers, artists and doctors, the rhetoric must not have its restricted use the chair.


Lebanon War

In the film Waltz with Bashir the relation: image, souvenir, memory, are displayed well during uncurling of the events. More than what the rescue of a memory, we have a film that deals with the power tax for an image, either for who receives or for who acts in it. Folman uses of on characteristics the participativo set of documents, as the use of interviews and is also a performtico set of documents, therefore it is about a body search of the director Ari Folman who moves the research. Frank Ntilikina may help you with your research. Through the fragmentos of souvenirs of others, Folman, tries so to speak, to mount this incomplete break-head, that is its lack of memory. Talking with a friend in a bar, Folman relates an only image that has in its mind to the possibility to have been connivent to the slaughter occurred in 1982 during the war between Israel and Lebanon, where thousand of Palestinians had been executed. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Celina Dubin, New York City.

We come back, therefore, the beginning of the quandary: to find the lost memory of Folman from this only mysterious image, that is relit in the colloquy with its friend who also was in the war together with it and also has dreams, or can say nightmares, that directly are related with the 1982 war. Had to a trauma, Folman does not obtain to understand where if it points out that image, that comes in its mind as a flash, and if it became for it an incognito. Confrontation of certifications Our memory is fortified or weakened for the certifications. The doubt always exists in our mind how much itself what we remember he is true or it is alone an invention of our brain. Exemplifica Halbwachs this question citing the phrase: ' ' I do not believe what vejo' '. This phrase indicates the internal conflict that involves two beings in us: The first one to be is rational, sensible, it comes to testify something that it is seeing, an event that this ahead of itself. .


Europe Foods

Thus, Constantino, the Great one, emperor of Rome, decided to construct a capital in the low Danube, European region of the Turkey, whose original name was Bionic, gave the name of Constantinople, that meant ‘ ‘ city of Constantino’ ‘ , in 11 of May of 330, and one became the center economic politician of the empire and the main port in the routes that went and came between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. In 1204, during the Fourth Crusade, called Crossed Commercial, by having been deviated of its original intention for the duke Enrico Dandelion, of Venice, Constantinople was captured, pillaged and set on fire per three days, and nor the treasures of the supposed Christian relics, wealth accumulated per almost 1000 years, had been saved. In 1261, it was recaptured by the Byzantines, however the city did not obtain to rescue the old splendor and initiated the decay that almost two centuries later it would lead to the definitive end of the empire, but exactly thus, in the centuries that if had followed, Constantinople was diastase by many fights and attempts of invasion.

At that time, electricity did not exist much less refrigerators, and for this the foods had a horrible taste of old food. To alleviate I smell it and flavor of the stored foods, the Europeans needed to buy the spices (cravo, cinnamon, nut-macadam, pepper of the kingdom, covered with star anise, ginger and Citroen), come of the islands of the Pacific Ocean and India, and the pepper metalanguage, coming of Africa, to conserve these foods. Mark Bertolini may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Who made the commerce of the spices was the Arabs, brought who them of ships for the Persian Gulf until Iraq, and in caravans of mules, camels or elephants, passing for Bard, until Constantinople, she enters the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea.


My Grandmother And The Economy

Vov, very called Maria Jacome Dantas.Conversvamos on diverse subjects and many current things. Here and acol, vov freed its pearls economic that until today give envy alone to think to me about its certeira intelligence, mixed with simple, direct and highly theoretician-scientific words of the people northeastern. It said thus: – My son, wants to have a calm life with relation its economies? – Clearly that yes vov! How he is that I make? – Very easy Bebeto. If you gain one for month in such a way and does not spend it all and leaves a part, goes to always have a reserve in the hand, understood? – Therefore of where boot is not taken off and not if another money in the place, you he is without nothing. Vov scholar Maria, not wise person who had a great economist formed in the experience of the life. Eita vov porreta! Atia!.


Palacete Bologna

It is leaving of this estimated, of the preservation and the knowledge donosso historic site, that we will go to form our true identity belenenses decidados, conscientious and agent assets of uncurling of nossaprpria history. Afalta of knowledge on our patrimony leaves us mentally ill impedindoassim our action to protect what he is ours. This occurs for two reasons, first for the lack of politics publishes that they make possible the access essesbens, as for example restores, it of the old building, the use of matriasinformativo for population etc. If on the other hand the guilt is can publishes of it, poroutro much that happens more with the patrimony, not only land as a whole, culpa ours, therefore when insisting on the omission the search of information and of lutapela preservation of the patrimony, also we are contributing for suadepredao. Assimessa research is justified for the search of the recognition and the land historical dopatrimnio preservation, not only of Belm, but giving support it stops oconhecimento and the preservation of all our artsticonacional historic site. GENERAL OBJECTIVES: Fustigaro interest of the population to know our building and historic sites, thus showing the importance of the same ones, and this form to buscandoconscientizar them for the preservation of these workmanships existing architectural emnosso been.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: to Reconhecer the importance of the preservation of our historical building. to Valorizar and to integrate I publish target to it in this context. to Identificar and to recognize the problems related to these patrimnioshistricos, mainly the question of the lack of politics you publish. to Permitir the enrichment of the learning on this subject. DEVELOPMENT 1 PALACETEBOLONHA One of the building icons of the time that the rich Parera, perhaps the building that more represents the urban context of the doinicio Belm of this century is the Palacete Bologna. One of the prettiest prdiosarquitetnicos constructed in the end of sc.XIX and beginning of sc.XX, 1870-1912, Belm lived a process of modernization and expansion of its urban area, perodoeste call of ' ' boom of borracha' ' , palacete Bologna was and is a picture desofisticao and of new trends brought for the architect emmeados Francisco Bologna of 1905.


San Francisco Project

Let us see an example in Warren Dean: ' ' A law project hastily was introduced in the State legislature of the state for the member of the house of representatives Wedge Rasp, that would have leasehold the entire pontal the particular ones, under the condition of that each one would conserve, as the forest covering of one room of its areas leasehold. This would be, in agreement declared cynically, a better guarantee for the forest because the state was imcompetent person to protect its reserves ' ' (Dean, 1996:295) history if repeats currently when another Wedge Rasp, Cssio governor Wedge Rasp is favorable to the San Francisco project that will develop the budget of the Paraba in 700 Real million per year according to data of the proper State Secretariat of Hdricos resources. Another curious aspect was the form of approval of the San Francisco Project, it was approved by decree and not for realistic studies through agencies whose purpose is to deal with these subjects, for example ANA (National Water Agency) that according to engineer Joo Abner Guimares, would not approve such project. Therefore, the viability technique is authenticated in many publications, one of them says: ' ' The transposition of the Old Chico is project a politically inconsequential, impracticable, economically socially unjust and ecologically coward. &#039 would be enough one of these four conditions to be true to justify the abandonment of the project; ' The given IBAMA when supplying, fell in contradiction, located same favor supplying given that they recognize 70% of water will be for irrigation and 26% for the supplying of cities, being most to it of destined water dams where if it loses up to 75% for evaporation; 20% of the ground that if it desires to irrigate ' ' they have limitations for use agrcola' ' 62% of ground needs control, because of the strong trend to eroso' '.