Russian Weapons

From the first minute, held at the Center, children and adults are immersed in an atmosphere of a medieval town at the entrance of their encounters Herald (costumed animator-guide) and gives all the decorations (ribbons of four different colors), which divide the children into 4 medieval armies. Finally, the main action begins. has much to offer in this field. From the gate of the fortress there are medieval warriors – Russian "Boyarin Dobrynya" nomad "Khan Tokhtamish" viking "Earl Ragnar, a knight "Master Frederick of Bavaria." Each of the soldiers vyberaem banner of a different color, thus becoming voinonachalnikom newly recruited troops. Warriors demonstrate techniques with various weapons possession, and then will compete in the duels. The guide will hold an interesting, informative and, most importantly, very visual trip on the development of protective and offensive weapons in the Middle Ages in Russia and in neighboring states, the development and evolution military skill, Ratna traditions. Tour takes place in the form of lively dialogue, the guide will gladly answer your questions. Next begins the main part of the program – team competition between participants. Here the passion is heating up to the limit! Traditional Russian games: nodding fighting, throwing spears, prankish fights (on weapons simulators) in this tournament rules. Each winner is awarded a souvenir. Experienced Instructors will teach adults and children archery, and then will present luchny tournament between teams