Keyton is a sofa very interesting massage for the hall or any space of the house. Space it is designed for a greater comfort and relax.It is perhaps the most sober creation of Keyton, with a design in air lines giving to elegance and dynamism, besides the possibility of integrating in any atmosphere, minimalist as as much classic. Keading, zapping, Rolling, massage of legs, massage of back, customized massage of sensor, ergonomic system, several adjustments, reclinacin and more things have several options of massage. Several interesting options exist, like ergoconfort (1750 fabric Euros and 1995 Euros of skin) or ergo spa of skin (2995 Euros). The special skin hill 350 Euros more. This sofa will appear in the Fair of Saragossa and will be a good complement for the home and relax in the home. When finally it is put on sale will be an ideal furniture to have in the sofa and to relax after a long day of work or fatigue or than it is.

To all we like the massages, and we have if them in house and with several programs to choose far better. After an arduous day of work, to return to house, to take a good shower and to comply to enjoy a good moment of relax. By all means, it would be far better if one were a chair of relaxation like that you can see in the image, with an electrical mechanism that is able to offer a real massage. Thus, you can enjoy a complete relaxation to recover of an exhausting day and dedicate to something of time seeing the television before lying down. The seats I dye Mariani have a new steel mechanism for all the seats and armchair relaxation massage. In addition, the armchairs I dye Mariani are available in many styles and colors, so that they can combine in almost any type of decoration, from the classic thing to the modern thing.

The Aida chair is ideal for an atmosphere with a decoration classic, available with totally detachable, smooth fabric cover, delicate and perfect for that they live in atmospheres of traditional flavor, but still want an originating massage of the technology. This chair has polyurethane foam wadding of different densidades. If you want something that adjusts to its modern living room, perhaps with a minimalist style, Mizar can be chosen, the relajante chair comes with extrable fabric, of microfiber, in natural leather. It is only possible to be managed by the plans of electrical mechanics and to incorporate like optional the system of rollers, covers for chairs and pillows with lumbar support and head rests. This chair has a great visual impact and is perfect for a contemporary decoration.