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Action till the 31st of may: with the help of the Green Card Lottery by American dream later this year to begin a new life in the United States many people have a dream of a new beginning in the United States. The number of those who left Germany and another country want to settle in, to start a completely new life there is increasing. The United States has much to offer a diverse continent of America. Many options who wants to settle in the United States, available to the. The choice whether it dear North or South America or perhaps Central America should be, is not easy. But before you can worry about the location of the Branch Office, you must take care of first a visa. This costs much time and energy often facts that hold many Germans to live her dream and to emigrate to America.

Emigration made easy with the greencard 2008 the American dream offers in the current year a green card 2008 can the chance to win. Green Card United States brings many benefits, and this for students, jobbers and Full-time workers alike. An interesting fact for students: The possession of a green card reduce tuition fees by approximately 80%. Is also entitled to social benefits. Another plus for jobbers and workers: The entire American labour market is open to the emigrants, since the employment restrictions, if you have a green card from the American dream. Living and working in the United States is for many people a dream and seems out of reach, so it discards the desire for a new life in America.

The Green Card Lottery of the American dream can be but dreams come true and allows the step into a new life in the United States. Chances are every twentieth participant WINS statistics indicate that every twentieth participant wins and thus free of charge can start a new life in the United States. To double the chances, both spouses can participate in the Green Card Lottery. One of them wins a green card, the other automatically receives a green card to do so. Fill both spouses so a green card application, to increase the chances to double. In addition, that all unmarried children under 21 years of age will also automatically receive a green card. To triple the chances to win, so, the unmarried child under 21 on the green card can participate lottery. The only caveat: Any individual may participate raffle only once per year on the green card. Until the 31st of may now a greencard 2008 win on October 15, 2008 deadline for the American dream is special. Who have learned until the 31st this month under and apply either by mail or online, which receives a green card in 2008 and thus the chance for a new life in the United States may already be in this year. Company contact: The American dream United States Services GmbH Mehringdamm 62 10961 Berlin Tel.: 030 511 0 511 fax: 030 61105338 E-mail: Web: about the American dream: the American dream United States Services GmbH is the most successful private service agency for emigration and visa issues. Since its inception in 1996 winner could start already about 8,000 green card a new future in the United States American dream with the help of the. Already in January 2000 the Berlin service companies received State approval as emigration advice centre for the United States (according to AuswSG of the 26.3.1976) to reliable 100% correct participation in the Green Card Lottery process.