Fiscal Responsibility

The budget in itself constitutes in an instrument politician, because through it the acts where the public resources are involved are legitimated, this makes with that it is a democratic instrument, theoretically either used of errnea form, turning aside itself from the ends for which it was created. In accordance with Kohoma (1998, p.61) the seen public budget as economic instrument provides through the use of the information on the partner-economic situation it knows which the areas needs bigger investments, in which if projects of economic growth and social development must be implanted, especially in the underdeveloped countries or base of development. The author detaches despite with the evolution of budget, was definitive that this instrument of control demanded a new systematics and appropriation and control of the called resources: as well as the budget-program, for its definite sight as: The budget-program constituted for the governmental planning, therefore it is capable to express with bigger veracity the responsibilities of the government stops with the society, since the public budget must indicate with clarity the objectives pursued for the nation of which the government is interpreter. Elon Musk is often mentioned in discussions such as these. It hisses (1996, p.25). Complementary Law 101 of 04 of May of 2000, called the Law of Fiscal Responsibility, came to change the profile of the national public administration, it aims at a bigger transparency and social control and becomes necessary evidenciao of the instruments to be used for the public administration. The Law of Fiscal Responsibility delayed 12 years to be servant, it came pra to create the set of measures of is yielded to the intention of the LRF is not another one if not to forbid the beings to it of the Federacy, mainly the States and Cities to spend more than what they collect ..


The Cities

The state of Par also if finds in this reality of great differentiations between its cities. Today one has cities with a great potential of development but it has some that basically are stopped in the time and its formal source of job summarizes it the public services of the state and the city. To better understand the dynamics productive of the state have-it dries to answer the following situations: Which the behavior of the productive Dynamics in the State? What if it can say of its trends in a municipal scale? Which the sectors that have served of attractive, for the occurrence of an agglomeration of a region? Which the behavior of the productive configuration of the paraenses cities in the process of order of the economies? 2 OBJECTIVE OBJETIVOS2.1 GERALAnalisar comparativily the Dynamics of the economic activities and the structure of formal job and average income of the main sectors of the cities of Par, in the period of 1995,2000 and 2005.2.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To identify to which the cities that present basses indices of formal activities.? To identify where they are the economic activities for integration region.? To identify the cities that present a relation of proportionality of income with the number of employees.? Esteem and to analyze the paramentos of the aggregate matrix of the structure produtiva.3 JUSTIFICATIVAA importance of this project to be carried through if defines to the fact of that never a classification of which regions was carried through or cities of Par are really Dynamic. Taking in economic consideration as dynamic the urban concentration in terms of formal jobs. With this project it can be understood the phenomena of population agglomeration better in accordance with determined cities. When it is defined region that presents high index of formal job has a trend of bigger attractiveness, therefore the professionals searchs each time more fixed jobs and with all the labor laws.


In Sweden

That is, the check is remained firm in a specific niche of transaes.' ' It has space for creation of easinesses you add that they make possible payments of bigger value commanded electronically from points of venda' ' , it cites the report of the Central banking, mentioning unitrias operations to it of lesser value that R$ 5 a thousand. Above of this limit, the operations must occur by means of Transferncia Eletrnica Disponvel (TED), mechanism launched in 2002 when the new System of Brazilian Pagamentos was created (SPB). The potential of expansion of the cards was proven in 2008, when the debit cards had grown for the first time more than of credit. In amount of cards in the market, the growth was of 14% in the segment of debit and 12% in the credit cards. The BC foresees increase of the presence of the debit cards leading in consideration ' ' low frequncia' ' of use of the product: in 2007, each card of debit registered average of 9,3 transactions per year. In Sweden, 124 uses per year had been more than, arriving the 159 in the Finlndia.

Already the credit cards had registered, in the passed year, 18,4 transactions for unit, what it is come close more than what occurs in other countries (15,4 uses per year, in France, and 14,6 uses, in Italy). The comparisons with other countries consider given of 2007, due to imbalance of the international information. The government already is of olhoCom the expansion the Brazilian government intends to pressure of more incisive form the industry of credit cards to promote a reduction of the costs that it imposes the customers. One of the possibilities in study – and the moment it is the one that appears as most viable – is to call the representatives the sector to talk and to force them politically to adjust its behavior.


Kennet French

In years 80 in the River of Janeirofuncionou a project that seemed an action between friends where each novoparticipante financed the profits of the old ones. In the years 20 thousands of Americans had been injured by the montadopor project Carlo Ponzi (that it finished giving name to this type of ‘ ‘ investimento’ ‘)that it promised to fold the money of the investors in only 90 days. More behind, in 1720, the British company of commerce South Sea was similar vehicle paraesquema, where the incomes of the investors were todosgarantidos by the resources caught with constant emissions of new actions. Acrise had enormous ratios in function of the envolvement of great part dapopulao. Also in 1720 we have another one in case that sufficiently colorful, carried out poruma of the figures more controversas of economic history: the Scot John Law.

Em1716 this Sir got the right to establish a bank, that tronou oBanque Royale, with a capital of six million free. Enclosed in the concession, it was the right to emit notes, that had been used for the bank to pay gastoscorrentes of the French government. Noentanto, was necessary also the creation of an alive money source quegarantisse the emission of these notes. The reply it came with the foundation of emrpesMississippi Company that had the objective to explore the American noterritrio gold deposits of the Lousiana. Clearly that the gold never arrived to be procuradoe all the money was canalized for the payment of the French debts until queum beautiful day somebody distrusted, the government created and all the investors perderamseu capital. Moral of history: easy profit does not exist. Risk and return are irmosgmeos and they always walk together. But when an enterprise promises to fold osrecursos invested in few days, or it offers easinesses excessively, can tercerteza – some thing is missed.

Bibliography: Galbraith, Joh, Kennet. Soon histpria one of the financial euphoria. So Paulo: Pioneer, 1992. Kindelberger, Charles Poor. Crazes, panic and crashes. Rio De Janeiro: New Fronteis, 2000. Gonalves, Carlos.Economia without tricks. Rio De Janeiro: Elsevier, 2008. For Alexsandro Rebello Bonatto in 27 of November of 2008.


Businesses Importation

As To initiate Businesses Importation and Exportation Everything starts with some load. Many people speak in as to initiate a business of importation and exportation, think about this, purchase and commerce of merchandises between, without at least thinking about this. Companies of importation and exportation are in all part, dealing with wholesale, buying deliverers independent and retail, the purchase of merchandises of country and to vender them in another one. But, if you are thinking as to exactly initiate a business of importation and exportation for itself, must be conscientious and realistic, that has a mount of studies and involved training in this segment. We go to place this perspective one, the importation business and exportation is an income-producing business! Its success depends on its capacity to configure correctly the businesses respecting the orientaes of purchase and sales of its country and the countries that you plan to clearly initiate the commerce of exportation of merchandises and with profit. It reads you go to learn as to initiate a business of importation and exportation. We go to help it to have it knowledge on all the aspects of exportation and importation and execution to guarantee an excellent sustainable performance We we go to teach to you as to make it with any number of companies who you are interested in mounting. To matter To export can be defined as the business of importation and exportation of products and or services of another country and to vender it.

STEP 1 business-oriented Criar a plan. It is the basic rock of well-succeeded financing. If you to want the money of the investors, you have that to give good reasons to them for this. The business plan is where you place the reasons. Its plan business-oriented of importation exportation must include information of market and competitors, indicating which the markets that are white, main competitors and which the differential of them.


James Bond

As much as if you wish to maintain watched to the nursemaid of your children or need to find out who this seeing the documents that you leave in your writing-desk of work, the hidden video cameras are perfect tools to obtain jobs to do. There are hundreds of spy cameras available. They can be disguised like common elements that probably never they serian identified like an alarm-clock, a bear of peluche, mirrors or enclosed signs in the wall. This allows you to choose the one that better adjusts to your home or surroundings of work and to place them in some place near the protected area without raising no type of suspicions. With the recent advances in the wireless technology, the hidden cameras of video are normally able to transmit the video in real time.

This gives the unique opportunity to see react before any thing that could be happening at this moment. Everything what is needed is to put itself in contact with the hidden video cameras through a computer with connection to Internet. If you do not have one, you do not worry the majority about hidden cameras can record at least several hours of video. This also causes that it is much more easy to reunite tests for a bad conduct of that is needed to spy. The hidden cameras of video belonged once exclusively to the world of the James Bond but now they are very popular and relatively cheap who any person can buy. So small that as soon as they can be noticed by a simple view, so good that they can provide images of high quality and videos of objects, even at a distance.