The Cities

The state of Par also if finds in this reality of great differentiations between its cities. Today one has cities with a great potential of development but it has some that basically are stopped in the time and its formal source of job summarizes it the public services of the state and the city. To better understand the dynamics productive of the state have-it dries to answer the following situations: Which the behavior of the productive Dynamics in the State? What if it can say of its trends in a municipal scale? Which the sectors that have served of attractive, for the occurrence of an agglomeration of a region? Which the behavior of the productive configuration of the paraenses cities in the process of order of the economies? 2 OBJECTIVE OBJETIVOS2.1 GERALAnalisar comparativily the Dynamics of the economic activities and the structure of formal job and average income of the main sectors of the cities of Par, in the period of 1995,2000 and 2005.2.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To identify to which the cities that present basses indices of formal activities.? To identify where they are the economic activities for integration region.? To identify the cities that present a relation of proportionality of income with the number of employees.? Esteem and to analyze the paramentos of the aggregate matrix of the structure produtiva.3 JUSTIFICATIVAA importance of this project to be carried through if defines to the fact of that never a classification of which regions was carried through or cities of Par are really Dynamic. Taking in economic consideration as dynamic the urban concentration in terms of formal jobs. With this project it can be understood the phenomena of population agglomeration better in accordance with determined cities. When it is defined region that presents high index of formal job has a trend of bigger attractiveness, therefore the professionals searchs each time more fixed jobs and with all the labor laws.