Airy, Fresh And Green – To Start In The Spring

HCon timetable company relaunched its website with more style and structure Hannover, April 12, 2011. The Internet presence of the Software House HCon her makeover shows due to the beginning of the spring: In fresh design, it offers the visitor a clear structure with lots of information around the topic of timetables and transport solutions. HCon is divided into three divisions, which are reflected in the structure of the site: the timetable information HAFAS timetable construction and the management system TPS as well as consulting. With this clear outline the deals for the customers are positioned transparent and allow an optimal representation of the solutions. In addition, informed a newly created Division of the actors who stand behind HCon, gives an insight into the history and lists career opportunities. Newly created was also a press area that holds also downloads to corporate and product brochures in addition to current messages and contacts. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Elon Musk. References are clearly presented and can easily Be filtered products and countries. The modern, fully redesigned website reflects the innovation of HCon and makes this emotional experience.

We would like to offer visitors to our site an enjoyable and informative online experience. The new structure not only contributes to this. Rather, we made sure that we provide comprehensive information”, according to HCon – Managing Director Michael Frankenberg. Visitors will find details about our products and services on a modern and intuitive Web site, which was set up according to the latest standards and advanced technologies.” The entry about the products on the home page is new with just a few clicks to the destination. Also news and jobs can be controlled via Portlets with one click directly from the homepage. Portlets provide contextual information about individual articles about products and services on the deeper pages. The navigation is simple, either in the left and top of the page or on the footer, in addition the the sitemap Not Acceptable!


Business Leadership

Uwe Kampschulte is Managing Director at us from Berlin Uwe Kampschulte, co-founder, 03 July 2009 and managing erento.com leaves the world’s largest online marketplace for rental items for July. Uwe Kampschulte will continue to partner with us. After six exciting years, where I erento accompanied by the founding idea up to the establishment of the world’s largest marketplace for rentals on the Internet have, I would like to take me more time for my family and devote myself to new challenges”, as Uwe Kampschulte. We thank Uwe Kampschulte I believe that erento still enormous growth potential has and will further expand its internationalization with help from Oliver Walter count.”for his valuable work in the development of us. Connect with other leaders such as Vikas Kapoor here. “I am delighted that he advise the company in the future through its role as a shareholder will be the page and thus his far-reaching expertise provides us”, so Chris Moller, Managing Director of erento. About us: The world’s largest marketplace for rentals on the Internet has erento rental articles, 680,000 registered users and over 9,800 landlords over a million.

If vehicles, a bouncy castle or garden tools can do everything cheap and uncomplicated in the over 2,200 categories to be hired. For six years, erento.com brings together tenants and landlords on the Internet and ensures that no wish remains open. Please visit Brian Krzanich if you seek more information. The service is free for tenants. Who want to rent erento articles, pays a low listing fee and a Commission on successful mediation.


Individual Web Design

Why also individual Web design his permission has, why you should take the cost for individual Web design, if offers modular, but apparently quickly, easily and above all cheap even an acceptable outcome on the legs can be for example the large providers, Web Designer stops man again and again. Indeed, home kits have undisputed advantages over individual Web design: are inexpensive, easy to use, offer many standard functions and features, and include maintenance and technical support by the provider. You have but also disadvantages, which should also be taken into account when choosing the right solution. A home page is representative and round to the clock branch of a company on the Internet. It is image advertising! The impression it creates, is transferred to the company. Therefore, the personality of the company should reflect itself in reverse, in the homepage. She should present as serious, competent and unique visitors does the company in personal contact. This is precisely the special performance of individual Web design.

And one should not underestimate! Individual Web design has the designation refers to the decisive special feature of this solution: individuality! Sure, a modular system offers also a certain individuality. After all, you can choose a design from predefined templates, determine the colors, insert your own text, logos and images, and incorporate predetermined features into a module. Since then however the question arises, how much personality contains something that is made up of patterns produced for the mass market and modules? This is but a contradiction in terms! And in many cases the sites have also a striking resemblance in the Web design, because just a general preference for certain layouts can be seen. The result reflects then all sorts of things, just not the personality of the company. The strengths of the system are indeed at the same time also his weaknesses. It is necessary not to have a clue about the underlying technology, nor implement the talent, an appealing Web design. But the result shows that only too often lacked when inserting the content in exactly this understanding.

You would even accepted it would be your desire and who would be at your discretion or Mona Lisa paint a necklace have an art supervised or even try it and then assume that effect and quality of the image will not have suffered? Individuality means but free to fashion or fashion. Not limited to that which is integrated to layouts and modules in a system, but to choose from which creativity in the market has to offer. Not given access to, but also something new to their desires make adapted to the personality of its own, in case of doubt. Not only functional, but also with regard to the Web design. Not only the Mona Lisa with even painted necklace to present, but itself! Even though modern modular systems betting have made many previous disadvantages, so this remains yet. As well as the fact that it binds with such a construction kit completely to the provider. Should be at some point no longer satisfied with this or should he need to set even the service, then the site is lost. You can not transfer them to another provider and continue to operate. Conclusion: Homepage construction kits have their permission for individuals and small businesses who are looking for a cost-efficient, fast way to present your data in the Web. Who wants to give the own site but with personality and individuality, and back up the maximum flexibility and extensibility, which should think about custom Web design. Jorg Schuchardt jayes webdesign


New Default Skins

Web Player VISh4 with new default skins Windach 28.03.2011. The interactive Flash Player VISh4 fascinates with its new and impressive skins. The default skins of the media player are flexible and are grouped into topics (sports, industrial), colours (red devil, blue magic,), industries (training & training, tourism,) and events (Christmas, Halloween,). In addition to the default skins of Flash there are no limits in future of the imagination of Web site operators. Each individual – or unternehmesspezi-fish design can be implemented (only graphics are exchanged) in a very short time, due to the new technology. And the best: depending on the desire of the website operator, all skins represent all interactive features. The new design is just the tip of the iceberg”, Uwe Schlecht, Managing Director of VISh4 UG.

VISh4 has been completely revised, optimized all features and Add-Ons, new effects implemented and the backend to other integration features for controlling marketing success, as well as the IVW Advanced. The objective of VISh4 is an interactive Web Player”available to, which meets the needs of the website operator and its visitors without in-depth IT skills and the need for extensions. The free Web Player VISh4 Basic, as well as the VISh4 Pro version will be with an abundance of new interactive”functions delivered. Include E.g. logo and overlay display, hotspot display as transparent treadmill linking, voting, rating, share, Send2Friend, bookmarking, horizontal – or vertical playlists, info box, text information services and RSS feeds, 3D roller and the call of any JS functions. The flashplayer VISh4 & VISh4Joomla are available in the basic version for free download under vish4.combereit. There the commercial versions VISh4 Pro, VISh4 enterprise and the VISh4Tourism industry solution at low cost. You provide more interactive features from the fields of design, advertising, social media & communities, editorial and back-office.

About VISh4: VISh4 is a dedicated, young software company with the focus moving to online media. Maxim is to implement customized solutions that provide high added value for the company, as well as for your viewers. This mission will be supported by market trends and surveys with regard to new technologies. “Survey results: VISh4 is on the right track, because: moving images create emotion, interest, polarize and increase the attention”. “The actions of VISh4 is characterized by the motto: A film says more than a thousand words”.


Business Emails

Since introduction of the law on electronic commercial register and cooperative and the business register (EHUG) are obliged to nominate certain information in trade letters traders are also business emails. The question of whether the absence of such information in a business email represents a breach of competition law, which can be dunned down is currently unclear. The OLG Brandenburg chose the “offline”section now (AZ.: 6 U 12/07), that when a trader has given the company name, the address and telephone number, the absence of the holder represents no breach of competition law with name and surname, as the owner of the company thereby gained no competitive advantage. This decision to transfer to the online area, the absence should be also no breach of competition law, for example, the commercial register or Umsatzsteueridentifkationsnummer in business emails. It remains however to be seen whether the absence of mandatory information in E-Mails is generally classified as a violation of the competition will. Practice tip: To not even judicial clarification to help, each trader should list the information required in the E-Mail footer until further notice. Dr. Hajo Rauschhofer lawyer in Wiesbaden with focus on online and trade mark law.. .


Media Publisher

Portal for business videos takes first stage of development to launch Wurzburg, 02 September businessworld.de presents more than 400 business videos from about 100 partially renowned publishers 3 months after the launch and shows first technical developments. The balance sheet after the launch of businessworld.de is almost entirely positive”, said project manager Martin Hausmann:”Our offer is very well accepted by professional publishers and meets with great interest.” The range of web videos in higher technical and content quality increases rapidly. More and more companies use videos to the image present ration in the Internet or to the provision of information and advertising messages. The Publisher has developed the video channels businessworld.de so that this quality the user arrives. The video image was enlarged significantly extended upload formats and much improved especially the readability for search engines.

More than 100 publishers already use the innovative media channel and offer the user a wide range “Subjects: the videos ranging from informative product presentations, show -, seminar – and trend reports witty commercials, and expertise contributions from a wide variety of areas and industries of the economy.” In addition to top companies such as Intershop, Germany IP, Microsoft, SAP, Siemens, a long series of small and medium-sized enterprises on businessworld.de can be found. Advertising agencies are here as well as coaches, organizers, hotels and service providers from many industries. Our goal is to depict the economic life in its full width, with moving images to give the impression that otherwise are not easy to open up from the desk of niche, trends, news and events. We appreciate so many videos with a business focus and every new user of businessworld.de”, says project manager Martin Hausmann, who is very pleased with the recent development. About businessworld.de businessworld.de presents itself as the first open and free platform for Web videos with business content. Over 400 videos from more than 100 publishers are now online. These include companies and media how webeffekt Avaya defacto call center, Intershop, IP Germany, Mhoch4 television agency, Microsoft, media-TREFF, SAP, Siemens, or zentrada.de.

businessworld.de can be used to host free videos, to the integration of the movies in your own Web pages and eMail blasts. In addition, the platform helps Web videos about businessworld.de as well as via search engine marketing. About the mold Media Publisher the Publisher headquartered in Wurzburg specializes in beside the central market magazine business portals. “The wholesale marketplace to zentrada” and the trade information services of the expertSites “used monthly by over 500,000 business visitors from Germany and Europe.


Dortmund Chamber

They’re real or already a Fakeprofil? In today’s social media marketing course, I talked with participants about the risks of the networking of individual social profiles like Twitter, Facebook, XING, etc from the Business Academy Ruhr in the Dortmund Chamber of Commerce. Among them was the Fakeprofile that occurred widely in the media, so profiles of people in social networks that exist without true personal information such as a valid EMail address. While I wanted also to demonstrate that Google just wanted to initiate some mechanisms to protect against Fakeprofilen. But what had I notice to my surprise? When creating a profile new I had to have not already an EMail address, or another type of confirmation was requested that I belong to this profile. Actually I wanted to show that you can create Fakeprofile addresses quite comfortable even with 10 minutes EMail, but it was not even necessary. Google filters out though after some time Fakeprofile, but in time where such a profile is active I can move freely thus.

I was so then Peter principle, could maintain among its account the Google + and also just other people can zuspammen at your whim. (I have not done of course the latter) 🙂 No wonder, then, that still Fakeprofile on EBay are offered at knockdown prices on a Facebook fan page likes to or but once again a political party followers to help. At least some Onlinemarketer reacted to the so-called Trashmails and can filter them out, but there are now too many providers of minute mails that you could win this fight. Apart from additional likes fans and followers or similar fake online reputation but a significant Fakeprofilen danger. What if your child for example of fake people will be mobbed or finish makes a single person with multiple Fakeprofilen a, not yet in its character strengthened people. It can be simulated so easily as if the whole world is against one. I at least can also not quite freely If it comes with minute emails to free information materials to come, but I’m quite strongly believe that Fakeprofile is rather poor as right. And you have to do with free speech.


Business Customer Segment

Decision makers find the behavior by business users in search engines such as Google & co. What is practiced in the U.S. space has long been looking for companies contacts with suffix “B2B” in search engines, spills over more and more also for Germany, and in the entire Central European region. Looking for company and business contacts decision-makers and buyers connect your search terms with the addition of “B2B” for “Business-Business 2-“, to exclude non-relevant results in search engines. Through the addition of the shortcut “B2B/business customer area” behind the actual search crawls the network targeted the seeker after company contacts and eliminates annoying offers. Advertisers and product providers use this search behavior. You define the acronym “B2B” and other parameters of the product specifically for their keywords.

Online store under the combination search special success: as professionals are looking for the appropriate search term plus the acronym “B2B” with the extended additional “Online-Shop”. Through the ‘abspidern’ the search engine robots achieve them on the one hand more product links, on the other hand optimized online requests via Google & co.. Thus, the falsification of statistical values decreased by requests not desired audiences on a lower level. Even when the search engine giant Google, an enormous increase in the number of entries is increasing, listed under search terms using the additional abbreviation “B2B”. So, the “in combination search” on the ever-increasing flood of search engine listings and websites is becoming increasingly popular. In just two years, the number of registrations under the search term combinations to approximately 20 times increased. In particular AdWords advertisers take advantage of combined keywords on the basis of the slim advertising budget to achieve still more specifically the individual target groups.

“Conclusion: ‘ the filtering and selection of target groups with a suffix is a survival strategy in the vast jungle of online media in particular”, so the Baden-Baden entrepreneur Norbert Goretzki. He is the head of Trend@dress Medien AG. The TAM AG (www.tam-ag.de) is a medium-sized company. It has existed for more than 25 years and is headquartered in Baden-Baden. The divisions currently include an Adressverlag (www.adressen-office.de) and the largest companies (B2B) in German-speaking countries (www.itsbetter.de). A future project is currently in the in-house IT Development Division in the final phase and precedes the test of introduction of. The market launch is planned for later this year. The use of this text is free of charge. Bloggers and website owners can insert this text as content in its online service. Copy or send a link to the published page desired.


Google AdWords

To consider topics that not only inform, but be especially beneficial for potential customers, can be pretty tedious. About successfully completed customer projects to report to deliver the proof readers, how good it is as a customer here, implemented by the way of most small businesses. Here, just the website for the publication of references is particularly predestined. Web design does emergency finally it is texts and other contents to such a way that you like to read important. Also here are there enough examples, how much an amateur differs from the professional.

While a structure is provided in the editor of a CMS, but creative leeway, to texts is anything other than Web-meet the writers”to integrate. Creative sprawl and reader-unfriendly text structure is the result. This then also no longer fits into the corporate design of the site. Recommendation: Web maintenance outsource so many, to entrust the care and marketing a Web site to a professional reasons for it. Especially companies which would afford no staff for website maintenance, are well advised to outsource editorial work on me.

A professional service is already possible with small budgets. Regardless of editorial support, there are a variety of measures undertaken for the successful operation and notice the homepage of me. These include. optimizing the site for Google and the use of keyword-based advertising, such as Google AdWords” Successful websites only work permanent investment, I would like to dispel a misunderstanding in this regard. One-time charges for a website not work, except when running a Web business card. Only, if the management is willing to invest every month, in maintaining and marketing the site permanently she will bring something. And if is invested, it is advantageous to invest, what the site visitors have the most benefit. Namely in meaningful content (called content), convince the prospects and make for you customers. The content is the true potential of most companies have now made their homework assignments on the Web design. Now it is to impress the customers with up-to-date, informative and quality content. I have the experience can make in my projects anyway, that herein lies the true potential of an Internet presence. About the Internet Editor Thomas Noll as Internet Editor, Thomas Noll deals with the maintenance and marketing by Internet projects of small and medium-sized enterprises. Texts, videos, articles, and online PR are the predominant tasks he takes for his customers. Moreover, he intensively works with the development of the Internet and issues, how is social media and Web 2.0 Thomas Noll in the Internet industry for many years worked and published his experiences in numerous articles and in his blog. Delimit the Internet Editor to deal stipulating, that he sites not realized, nor designed, but cares only to the content, the service and marketing. While a significant portion of his work, such as link building, online PR and professional articles outside of the website takes place. Useful knowledge imparted in workshops and editorial training the advocate of good content not only as a Web consultant, but it offers also useful tips and checklists on its Web site. All the information about the individual services can be read at. Contact: Thomas Noll of the Internet Editor texts, Internet marketing and online PR Dammersbacher str.


Smart Public Relations On The Internet

Top ranking at Google & co. Wangen im Allgau; The Internet is constantly changing and is hard to overlook. It is all the more important an optimal position to secure businesses therein. Properly placed press releases and PR-texts can be a useful tool. However you need to stand against the backdrop of the vast amount of information. The advertising & communications agency kaos is devoted to this topic of cheeks on Deutschlandbote.de. With Deutschlandbote.de presents”kaos workshop for creative, the advertising agency from the Allgau, a new SEM concept specifically for the press/PR area. The industry normally (apart from local papers) hardly observe press releases from local businesses.

Only corporations that already seem relevant enough by their size, are taken up by all sides. Entrepreneurs must be wondering why, how they really publish information about new products. This is the starting point of Deutschlandbote.de. There are many on the Internet Places where such PR texts published useful can be. Deutschlandbote.de also operates its own platform under the same domain. Submitted articles are made available from there on PR platforms and press portals for the whole German-speaking area. The achievable readership is multiplied by multiple publishing and it run more users to the portal of the customer.

So far there is nothing new about this approach. Search engines have prepared the most important factors on the way to the side of the customer and recognize identical content. The so-called duplicate content can negative affect on the findability via search engines. Deutschlandbote.de avoids this unwanted result of scattering by the messages are not just copied, but deliberately reproduced. Multiple versions of an original article be developed, which differ as far as they are read by the search engine as a stand-alone text. So, the original message can be spread safe. Also be each variant keywords”or long-tail keywords” added. She is designed so that she optimally detected by search engines. The result is a, accessible from many places in the network PR message that brings high-quality traffic to the portal of the customer with interested users. Best publication in the Internet will be achieved for the original transmitter of (PR) message. Paul Bieber / kaos – workshop for creative Tel. + 49 07522 / 79 50 40