Tinted Car Windows

Tinted car windows in the center of dubbing "Tonirovka.kom" you can do tinting car windows to GOST 5727-88, Book of glass or body of your car with a protective film, thereby protecting themselves and their family from broken glass in case of its destruction and vandalism from the public eye, from the burning car interior in the sun and provide a prestigious look of the car. Explanation of the law on tinting car windows to GOST 5727-88 "Safety glass for land transport. General technical requirements. " Implementation date 01.01.2002. Light transmission of glass, providing visibility for the driver must be at least: for the windscreen (windshield) – 75% for front side windows (other than windscreens, within the regulatory field of vision that defines the front visibility) – 70% tolerance of the top of the windshield dark band width of 14 cm for the hatch installed on the roof – 100%. We must not forget that the mirror tinting car, as well, toning and optics, is not permitted by Government of the Russian Federation 'On the rules of the road' (SDA) paragraph 7.3.: Note: The top of the windscreen of cars and buses can be attached transparent colored film.

Permitted to use tinted glass (except mirror), light transmission are corresponds to GOST 5727-88. Allowed to apply the curtains on the windows of tourist buses, as well as blinds and curtains on the rear windows of cars, if both sides of exterior mirrors. In the absence of rear-view mirrors, rear windshield tinting is strictly prohibited.

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