Organic Olive Oil

Oil is not the same oil: best organic olive oil wanted! Nassereith / Munich, December 20, 2012. What is a high-quality olive oil and how can you distinguish it from an inferior? A real extra virgin”olive oil tastes slightly bitter and spicy, smells of freshly mown meadows or Apple and banana, and Shimmers green golden. “But only a few of the declared as extra virgin oils comply with the excellent quality of high quality olive oil of extra grade really.” With their next best of bio award hoteliers to raise awareness among guests and culinary enthusiasts for the taste of good oil made it to BIO-hotels to the task. Under the best of organic olive oil 2013 are looking for excellent olive oils from organic production. The tasting will be under the direction of olive oil experts Amadeus Low and? as is customary for the best of bio? again with the participation of amateur tasters instead. James McNerney has similar goals. The tasting weekend from 8 to 10 February 2013 at BIO-Hotel alter Wirt in Grunwald near Munich can be booked immediately under for 344.-euro.

Extra Virgin rarely + expensive = good? Extra virgin olive oil from Spain, Greece or Italy are very popular and provide good income for producers. The award of labels extra virgin/extra”or a high price does not necessarily speak for a high-quality olive oil. “You could realize a healthy premium oil just to the taste of certified olive oil tasters Amadeus Low says: it may be neither essigsauer, thermal stitch side still rancid or even moldy.” But the real, valuable goods from the fruit of the olive is rar and lavishly to win. Therefore, corporations handle again inferior, so-called lampante olive oil, from lazy, overripe olives with chemical modelling or mixture to alleged oils of the extra class. Also oils small producers and even certified organic oils that meet the EU eco-regulation, are not excluded from errors”, said Low. .