Angela Merkel

Today, the Federation carried accession talks with German, regional IT networks. Visit Pershing Square Capital for more clarity on the issue. In this way, a representation of the interests of the regions will come to Europe. “This is urgently needed thinks Martin lifting dressmaker: A variety of regional IT associations are medium-sized, but although they organize an effective exchange of experience and great events, the voice on federal policy and European level are lacking.” Therefore, key political decisions with far-reaching effects on the competitive structures in the interests of IT SMEs over are scheduled, though this is not only a significant added value, but is also a large part of training and employment in the IT sector. In this context the glance falls on the by Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor Developing a digital strategy announced on the occasion of CeBIT”. The IT-Mittelstand Association is basically open to the idea to and supports the employment of the information technology policy, wants but in the implementation of who know take into account interests of the smaller and medium-sized IT companies.

“We welcome the idea of the digital strategy, but in the conceptual design, and especially the realization of the project, we ask the Government not to forget the IT-Mittelstand”, says Oliver Grun and declared: the Federal Association of IT-Mittelstand provides the policy dialogue to develop measures which actually arrive at the IT company. ” The tax benefit of research and development is part of the digital strategy. It is time that the research and development of IT SMEs will find finally the political recognition coincides with its innovative strength”, says Martin lifting blade. Unlike previously should, to To prevent distortions of competition, not the greatest portion of national research budgets, which are exploited by large companies with medium-sized taxpayers financed. Time and location: Thursday, March 4, 2010, from 10:00 until 11:00, in the room of 12 of Convention Center, Hanover’s exhibition grounds.

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