Chronic Independence

Independence and cof, cof, cof, I am not crazy and nor so courageous pra to defend my native mother with my life. Although to fight, ' ' me non troppo' ' one ' ' jitsu&#039 jiu; ' to have athletical body (it goes behind), I am not this brave and destemido patriot. After all, this ' ' Mtria' ' what never raised its clava in defense of its citizen will be that it deserves my thin and watery blood? Idolatrada loved Native! This ' ' Mtria' ' it only lives wanting let us look at that it with administrative love, love this pay with high prices in taxes and indifferences. It saves, saves! They save them of the bankruptcy and the misery that mutilates the children of the corruption and that it amputates the cold blood the hope in the future. But if the distrain of this equality! We are distraining good and promises in a form to try to follow the life and its requirements. We buy the bread that was regurgitated by the disobediences and excessive interests and of when in time we pass margarina for who knows to saborearmos a visit the middle class (that the old one said that took a multitude). But as people joy (poor) lasts little, the bread always falls and with the low butter pra.

Brazil an intense dream! We dream of better days and who knows with one ' ' Mtria' ' with a maternal heart, where always it fits plus a citizen. Your risonhos, pretty fields have more flowers! But he seems that in this ' ' garden of the den' ' who only can take a walk is those that eat the forbidden fruit (corruption). To the people they remain only the leftovers of a garden sown with sweat and tears and without forgetting the calluses the daily fight. You will see that a son yours does not run away to the fight! In this history I am in another film. I with my courage of lion of the OZ magician go pra of the bed underneath and pray pra that they do not find me. But as I am of the people and to the people they remain only potatoes, them always they have to find me. ' ' there, oh my God of the sky already had discovered aqui&#039 to me; '. But they do not think that I go to cry out independence, about the first chance I I run and I speak: I am Brazilian and not Anderson Silva.

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