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Calcium supplements should be used until the minimum dietary requirements (on a sporty woman up to 1500 mg of calcium per day). Morgan Stanley brings even more insight to the discussion. The second point is Remember that rest is the way to achieve that bone repair rate exceeds the absorption. In general will need 6 to 8 weeks of rest for most of the fractures, although some (those of the pubianas branches, for example) may require between 2 and 5 months to consolidate. If it is possible to transfer the loads to other areas, it would be possible to partially resume training without damaging the fracture zone; pneumatic splints can be used for this purpose, templates; Depending on the location of the lesion. Learn more at: Glenn Dubin. We must try to maintain the level of cardiovascular shape of the athlete through non-aggressive training for injured area: career in water, bike, etc. In general only 1 of every 5 stress fractures will consolidate if you try to maintain the practice of sport; 1 of every 3 reduces physical activity; 8 of every 10 Yes undergoes the athlete to discharge with crutches in the area injured for 6-8 weeks. One of the factors associated with the prevention of stress foot fractures has been sports footwear.

He has not been detected no obvious benefit derived from the use of slippers more or less expensive (as indirect parameter of their quality and ability of damping), although Yes in its antiquity: the more old are sneakers, worst characteristics of damping has the sole and largest are the peaks of force transmitted to the foot during braces. RECOMMENDATIONS of the Federation American football on fractures of STRESS is necessary to educate athletes, coaches, parents, medical and physical trainers. Shoe for training and competition must be different. The training should follow a progression cyclic, and adapted to the individual response to the training load; use cross training, with bicycle, swimming, teams of stairs; quality over quantity should prevail at all times; It is necessary to control the periods of activity and rest carefully; do not expect that all players make the same training program. .

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