Gain Neiva

The results of did not show yesterday more than the wonderful triumph of the Democracy (with D thus capital) and of the citizen majorities that decided on the candidates of their preferences. The greatest triumph was the one of Neiva. Not even the one of Javier Osorio because its victory was foretold by all the previous surveys of way like during the Sunday of elections people did more than to ratify it in the position of the Mayorship. Hctor Javier deserved it. l is a good man trained in a family of excellent values and our Externado University of Colombia that surely marked its social and democratic ideals. One has become to pulse, with a work attitude that overflows any capacity of another politician, with an ability to draw for ups and downs that any envy and with much intelligence.

As if outside little Hctor Javier is counted with the unconditional aid of two women of invaluables qualities and loyalty to all test: Chelita, its affectionate mother and Gladis, the love of almost all their life. But, in addition, something that is as much or more important that all said: Hctor Javier is a correct man. Surely for that reason the destiny gave this opportunity him that without a doubt it will not waste to ahead remove his town from Neiva. It said that not even it is the one that has won more then without a doubt gained much more the city. Finally after as much supporting and as much to wish that horrible night that made us suffer the present administration, was finished, today we began to see a light of celebration at the end of that length and black tunnel that finalizes to the average night of the 31 of next December. I feel like, then, very happy by Hctor the Javier, but very many happier by the luck of my city from the 1 of January.

It has left to the new Mayor three years (we hoped that four, when happening in the Congress, as it is to hope, the project over unification of elections and periods) to adjust the mistreated finances of Neiva, to implant creative and radical solutions to the flagellum of unemployment, to resolutely stimulate the foreign investment in ours terruo, to finish to the works of the mayorship Places that this administration did not want or it could not finish and invest good part of the budgetary resources in the communitarian and social works that were asked for to him by the town in the campaign. Hctor account Javier with the unrestricted support of the new Council of the City, with the great electoral majorities of Neiva and without a doubt with the advising of all the citizens of good will that he must to good listen. Good pulse and good sea, Mr. Alcalde! And dear Neiva congratulations!

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