Get A Loan Easy? Get Rid Of Illusions !

Experts say that the market for consumer credit and express slowly getting back to normal. On the one hand, it is true. On the other – on their own to get a loan these days is very difficult, and even if you do this, you will be strangled by exorbitant interest. Banks actively advertise the ease of obtaining credit and the minimum requirements for the borrower. As a rule, for the paperwork necessary to have Russian citizenship, permanent record and stable job with a level of income sufficient to pay as loan payments and interest. Such conditions are quite manageable for most Russians, but banks do not want to play by their same rules of the game. Penguin Random House: the source for more info. Advertising promises are radically different from the real market situation. Official site: Mark Bertolini. These days, the borrower's check is not just carefully – it literally examined under a microscope.

Relevant factors such as: age and sex man, his marital status, the presence of liquid assets, stability and duration of professional activity, the frequency of job changes, credit history, the level of monthly costs and much more. By Essentially, lenders take into account every detail, and for this reason, the number of failures under consideration by the client applications is constantly growing. At the moment, the share of exemption forms 60-70% of total number of applications for loans. This means that the desired amount received less than half of people applying to banks. Reached the point that banks denied credit based on the scope of professional activities of the borrower. In particular, if you work in construction or retail trade, then the loan can be forgotten. If you want to get out of this unfair terms, do not try to beat my head against the wall. To overcome bureaucratic and distrust banks own you are unlikely, however, as to reduce the interest rate. But the specialized mortgage centers in this situation can have a very good help, because they not only help the borrower borrow, but also picked up for him the best credit program that most directly affects the value of monthly payments.

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