Tea was first tried in Russia in 1638, when the Russian ambassador Starks brought a gift to Tsar Michael Fyodorovich several pounds of tea leaves from the Mongol hordes. At the royal court initially reacted cautiously to the unknown drink. Before you try a noble gift to the men – tea experienced the court doctor. Only after nearly 40 years, tea has finally received a mass distribution in Russia. Brought him and have since become permanent deliver it from China.

Nobody can say exactly what sort of tea that was the first pivezennym in Russia: whether it's green tea or black – not now known. Since the path to the homeland of tea was far – the leaves were transported in special containers that have been made of weakly-smelling wood, inside have been decorated with tin, and the outside – a thick layer of skin. At the very beginning of its historical path of Russian tea was a drink for the wealthy: buy tea could only representatives of the royal family, nobles and merchants. But with the increase in supply in our country (in the 18 th century) tea has spread to all segments of the population. And in the early 19 century in Russia were first institution – tea – where they could a cup of tea, but to communicate with friends, lovers or partners. Due to such practices tea quickly became an integral part of techniques and simple home meals. Here's how to describe the love of the Russian people to tea vg Belinsky: "In Moscow, many restaurants, and they always jam-packed mostly by people who are drinking tea.

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