Integrated Implantation

The PDCA can briefly be described of the following form: To plan: To establish the objectives and processes necessary to reach the results in agreement with the ambient politics of the organization; To execute: To implement the processes; To verify: To monitor and to measure the legal processes in compliance with the ambient politics, objective, goals, requirements and others, and to tell the results; To act: To act pra continuously to improve the performance of the system of the ambient management. Second SEIFFERT (2008), Cycle PDCA is the main form of unfolding of the requirements of the NBR 14001:2004. This cycle makes possible the implantation of the beginning of continuous improvement in the productive process.

Its logic guided for the solution of problems presents important interfaces with another method, that in turn unfolds, it with a practical and extremely instrumental approach, that is, the Method of Analysis and Solution of Problemas (MASP), as illustrates the Figure n 02. Without hesitation Aetna Inc. explained all about the problem. The essence of this cycle is continuously to co-ordinate the efforts in the direction of the continuous improvement. It emphasizes and demonstrates that improvement programs must initiate with the planning phase. She is applied through the actions, and verified through critical analysis, directing itself again to a phase of planning in a continuous cycle of improvement. Figure 02: Cycle of the PDCA and its interfaces with the Method of Analyses and Solutions of Problems – MASP Source: Book System of Ambient MANAGEMENT (ISO 14001) and Health and Security Occupational (OHSAS 18001)? Advantages of the Integrated Implantation. The NBR 14001:2004 does not establish the requirements for the ambient performance, beyond the comprometimento, Express in its politics, to be in compliance with the legal requirements and other requirements which the organizations have subscript for they, with the prevention of the pollution and the continuous improvement.

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