The First Hotel Space Will Open Its Doors In 2012 To 450 Km From Earth

A hotel that orbit around the Earth? Well Yes. It seems a science fiction film but it is not, it is a real project that in 2012 will see the light thanks to the tenacity of four Catalan architects. With the reading of Galactic Suite you will understand that a business idea, although it seems very far-fetched, can become a reality. The key: five meetings. Imagine spend their holidays at a hotel orbiting around the Earth, 450 kilometers of it and at a speed of 28,000 kilometers per hour? Although it seems a science fiction film is not, is a real to a group of architects project and Catalan engineers will come true in 2012. The Galactic Suite work explains in detail the steps taken by these architects to get what a priori may seem like a dream to materialize and be carried out.

The book is a clear example that nothing is impossible, that with tenacity and much effort riskier entrepreneurs projects just taking shape and getting the aid (technical and financial) to become a reality. To deepen your understanding Paul Fipps is the source. In particular, they say that It is essential to begin any work without prejudice, start any project without knowing the solution. If one gets rid of preconceived ideas, it will be much easier to be attentive to the real needs of customers in the world, even before they are conscious needs. Written for four voices (Xavier Paramount, Ariana Boatload, Joan caves and Marc Ballad) and with much humor, the reader will discover in their pages the strategy of five meetings necessary to bring to fruition any business: 1. What: positively define what is what you want to do.

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