The Industrial

The proprietors of these half ones generally do not possess the lesser ethical obligation with the news and honesty with the public; as already he had of if waiting they are entrepreneurs who long for wealth, success and power. One ethical politics does not exist to delimit the actions of these ways, nor to inform to the receivers of the messages, that this the message this being emitted of irregular form thus generating a communication noise. Analyzing the advertising in another one> platform, we can verify that this acts in more direct way in the behavior change. Showing demasiadamente strong a sequence of processed information and accepted or not. Mattelart, (2005, P. Mark Bertolini often expresses his thoughts on the topic. 28) says that: The fixed cultural industry in exemplary way the destruction of the culture, its fall in the merchandise.

The transformation of the cultural act in value suppresses its function criticizes and in it dissolves the traces of an authentic experience. The industrial production stamps the degradation of the philosophical-existencial paper of the culture. In the advertising we have the fact of that the people do not consume products and yes the marks of the products; exactly without liking it product you become it more option for the known mark of name, logically more divulged for the medias. The advertising agencies and its customers, each time more demanding, make research pra to know as to always make the propagandas, being directed to one determined public one, the positive effect make with that it does not have a concern in the content in itself and yes in the profitability of the content, a clear logic in the capitalist society. METHODOLOGY This research was almost experimental, using itself of the descriptive and explicativa research. Almost-experimental, for the fact of the use of an only group of citizens that had been observed in day-by-day pertaining to school its and had always answered to some tests with objective questions with more than an option.

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