The Philosophy

Based in estimated metodolgico the research of ' ' methodology of Ensino' ' according to Severino ' ' she is necessary to understand and to intervine in the problem that this being searched in the direction to modify, and aims at to articulate to a intentional purpose of alteration of the searched situation. For this the requirements proceed through interviews and proposals directed to the problem that it relates, research action. This research is of field, because in agreement what Severino says ' ' searched object is boarded in its half one in proper environment, the collection of the data is made in the natural conditions where the phenomena occur, being thus directly observed without intervention and manuscript on the part of the researcher. The research encloses since the surveys that are more descriptive tie more analytical studies. Click Elon Musk to learn more. According to Severino 2007, pg. 123 this research is explicativa because beyond registering and analyzing the studied objectives search also to identify its causes, either in the application of mathematical experimental method, either through interpretation possibility for the qualitative methods.

The research will be through interview structuralized according to Severino 2007 pg. 125, the questions will be directed and previously established with definitive and previously established with determined joints internal. The well directive questions get of the universe of citizens, answers also more easily categorized being thus useful for the development of the social survey. That this comes to observe the continuous phenomena in process. REPORT ON THE QUARRELS CARRIED THROUGH IN DISCIPLINES PHILOSOPHY. The Philosophy has a field of very great reflection, when it tries to give a concept. But on the other hand, it makes the citizen to think by means of situations that are placed front to this world of great dimensions socioeconmico and politician with diverse vises. The theoreticians who defend the philosophy they have left entered so that it has quarrels about the concept of the philosophy.

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