The Sense

Would like to regularly to the magazine, she is delivered punctually and comfortably home. To change the living conditions of the reader, for example, the shipping address can be changed quickly in the customer’s account. But even interruptions of service, E.g. for a longer journey, are easily possible. So, you only pay what you really want to read.

In contrast to a traditional subscription is also a termination at cross read at any time. Others who may share this opinion include Amazon drone delivery. The shop that differs from the previous suppliers of a subscription: there is no period of notice for the delivery service and you have the choice, how long you would like to receive the selected journal. Also the payment options are straightforward to cross read, because there are only a one. Easy payment via direct debit. This has the great advantage that they missed it, and the payment process is fully automated to settle scores.

This is done at no extra cost for the customers. One has even signed up and ordered a magazine, so it ends up days in the local mailbox guarantees already after 2-5. There after the logon cross read so no long waiting time until the first delivery. The following journal issue comes to the respective release date then regularly and on time. The read cross shop is constantly so that you can buy in the future also complementary products, such as books and audiobooks. This ensures an even wider range of entertainment and knowledge, and handled just as easily as the magazine sales. All this is done in the sense of a simple and customer-oriented approach, which focuses on is pure reading pleasure of the customers.

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