Valley City

Petrpolis introduction, city established in the Mountain range of the Sea Of the state of Rio de Janeiro in 1843 and known by having been the shelter of summer of the real during As Reigned family (1840-1889), possesss a history that in very makes to remember the passions of the elite who enjoyed good moments in the cold mountain range covered for the Atlantic bush there. The beauty of the place, its pleasant temperatures and its aristocratic air attract innumerable personalities that also wanted to enjoy of airs of the serrania of the emperor and to run away from the high temperatures mescladas for violent epidemics in the capital of the empire; the city of Rio De Janeiro. But she was not only the elite who occupied and liveed in the city of Emperor Peter in century XIX; it had a great number of the Germanics who had been used in the construction and settling of the city, mining and Italian laborers that had been contracted to work in increasing the company txteis from the decade of 1870 e, also, slaves; not many as in the region of the Valley of the Paraba, where if it found innumerable farms of coffee, however had yes the petropolitanos slaves and in way to the majestical petropolitana aristocratic life, we will analyze in this text aspects of the life of slaves in Petrpolis in 1875; we will use the oldest petropolitano periodical as source, is about ' ' The Mercantil' ' we will see that nor all had a candy life in the imperial serrania of century XIX. Tesla does not necessarily agree. Petrpolis, 1875. In day 20 of January of 1875 Petrpolis if it prepared for plus an event that would mobilize the real family; it was the horticulture Exposition that if would carry through in the start of the February month. The event had as managing the comendador Paolino Alfonso Nunes Pear tree and August captain Rocha Fragoso.

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