Christine Niklas

Now there is the lifting serum absolutely * SERUM RENEW cnk * Christine Niklas with new fragrance. Cologne, October 20, 2009: cnk * Christine Niklas, manufacturer of highly effective, natural anti anti-aging cosmetics, brings the popular absolutely * SERUM RENEW is now available with a new fragrance. People such as Parnassus Investments would likely agree. With the anti anti-aging serum absolute * SERUM RENEW the cnk * Christine Niklas team once again proved, that maximum efficiency and best skin compatibility are compatible. The serum specifically acts against sagging, sunken parts of the face. (Not to be confused with Mental Health Monday!). Through the regular application, the skin within 30 days is again fixed, plumper and firmer. The sunken off parts of the face are raised naturally, so that the contours of the face are again more clearly revealed. The effectiveness of absolute * SERUM RENEW attaches directly to the process of skin aging.

These two mechanisms are crucial: firstly produced the skin due to the natural aging process of every day less collagen, on the other hand endogenous enzymes break down, depending on the skin is more mature, more collagen. The in the ABSOLUTE * SERUM RENEW contained peptides act as messengers, which again stimulate the body’s own collagen formation. At the same time, the collagen breakdown caused by the body’s enzymes will be halved as well as by so-called MMP Hemmer. The interplay of these two operations, the functions of the skin are raised again to more youthful levels. Scientific studies have shown that the collagen content almost doubled. Through the newly formed collagen, the skin regains its firmness, elasticity, and so their old form. In the development of products cnk * Christine Niklas emphasizes much on effectiveness, sustainability and skin tolerability. Also in relation to the used scent, cnk * Christine Niklas remains loyal to its principles.

All cnk * Christine Niklas uses only a fragrance produced specifically for cnk products, which contains no single declarable substance according to COLIPA (Federation of European cosmetics and perfume manufacturer). The so-called COLIPA-list contains the most ver Pap test allergenic substances especially for perfume. This means that cnk * Christine Niklas used for the scenting of your anti anti-aging products excluding fragrances with zero tendierendem allergenic potential. This is absolutely * SERUM people with scent for sensitive skin and allergy-prone RENEW well suited. Now that is absolutely * SERUM RENEW with a fragrance exclusively online at available.

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