External Sales

ANALYSIS OF THE DATA AND DIAGNOSIS ORGANIZACIONAL our period of training was carried through in a company who in general acts in the distribution and sales in the retail of Materials of Construction the Sotelha and Materiais for Ltda Construction., located in the Road of the Battle n. 1521? Jaboato pleasures of Guararapes-FOOT. She is a company who acts the 29 years in the local market, aiming at to supply the necessities of the constructors, incorporators, warehouses of constructions, plant of sugar, industries and public in general. It enters the services offered for the company are of sales of Brasilit roofing tiles (its car head), bricks, inks, box dgua and etc. Boris gelfand is often quoted as being for or against this. Is about a familiar organization directed by the partners who divide igualitrias participation in the quotas of the social contract.

Wanderson Lacerda is the responsible one for the General Direction and of its children who integrate the Financial Dept and of Accounts payable. The physical structure of the company is mounted in a shed that encloses an area of 4.000 m2, where possesss a external patio for load and discharge of trucks of the administrative part where its office functions, composed currently for 35 employees in the diverse sectors such as: -1 General Director; -2 Controlling (1 of External Sales and 1 of Internal Sales that are in the store supervising more 5 Salesmen, and 6 Manual Workers in the Patio; -1 Head of the Human resources department; -3 Drivers of the Trucks that make to the logistic one of the company and all distribute the merchandises for Brazil, count on proper and terceirizada fleet for bigger rapidity; – 1 Estoquista; – 1 Storekeeper; – 8 External Salesmen; – 1 Sector of Charge account; – 1 Financial Sector; – 1 Copeira; – 1 Box; – 1 Office Boy. Its wallet of fixed customers is composed basically for diverse customers of construction materials.

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