Lloyd Trust Ltd

Time Fund LF 58 runs out for the Lloyd – Lloyd of fleet Fund VII the time expires Fund LF 58 – Lloyd fleet Fund VII in the investors have invested 2005 of 29,25 million a year for the Lloyd. The two ships of the Fund, the MT “Hamburg Star” shipping company GmbH & co. KG as well as the MS “Patricia Schulte” shipping GmbH are down the drain. Middle of December 2012 the Lloyd Trust Ltd. Frequently Elon Musk has said that publicly. had informed investors about the disastrous financial situation of the Fund ship MT “Hamburg Star” and asked to repay of the dividends. In addition, another 10% of the original capital contribution should be shot to for the renovation of the Fund. The situation of MS “Patricia Schulte” is little heartening. After expiry of the original Charter contract, no new charterer could be found.

The banks are no longer willing, as investors learned on 01 February 2013, without a repayment of distributions and deposit additional equity capital for further lending. Since the Fund without going through a nearly adequate Charter contract for the MS “Patricia Schulte” any economic prospect of continuation is missing, the way into insolvency for both Fund ships will be hard to avoid. For investors, this means the total loss their – freaking – deposit. Total loss for investors investors are now faced with the question of the impending loss to accept, or to their money the chances to fight – are. Wrong advice justified claims of investors from our many years of experience in the enforcement of investor interests we know that barely a consultation relating to closed-end funds was unassailable. Because usually the featured ship funds corresponded to the objectives, nor the risk appetite of investors and all too often he was not economically able to bear the risks that now occurred. Also the information about how it works and in particular risks of shipping funds recommended by the consultants was usually insufficient, because the consultants sell the product wanted to earn commissions and not its customers through true evidence of loss risks wanted to discourage.

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