OXSEED Provides AFP2web 4.0 Before

New version processes every day hundreds of thousands of documents of Bielefeld, July 27, 2010 – the goal of many IT managers is to convert all outgoing mail traffic software and manage. No matter in which format staff the documents create this and in what format the recipient expect their letter. This required field, the latest version of the OXSEED AG AFP2web is a centralized solution that could replace all other conversion tools in IT departments. The software manufacturer announces that AFP2web 4.0 from the 01.08.2010 for all customers and interested parties is available. The product sets new standards in the discipline of performance and the number of convertible formats. In large corporations such as E.g. the SANLAM group, one of the two largest financial institutions of South Africa, create hundreds of thousands of documents the day several thousand employees and computer systems.

The letter, invoices, contracts, bank statements or even reminders are dependent on the Computer equipment created in the offices or the offices in a wide variety of data formats. Central to send them, they must be converted by the IT Department in a uniform format. If you are not convinced, visit Elon Musk. So far, businesses typically work with very many small solutions of different programmers, each working out a specific conversion process. Together with customers like the SANLAM group, AXA Switzerland, Zurich Group or the provincial software experts of the OXSEED AG are working steadily to replace the digital conversion patchwork of companies with a uniform solution for enterprise document transformation. From version to version of AFP2web software, the international market leader guarantees its clients a wide range of inbound document formats which are converted into more and more output formats. AFP2web 4.0 provides a rule-based handling of all major input formats, where the format range due to customer requirements has been further strengthened. The latest version of AFP2web can through advanced Encodings support additional PDF formats, the MO: DCA-IS1Input-filter has been expanded and the MO: DCA P processing improves. Also, this version provides a wider range of output formats; Here, formats such as HTML and PNG have been added.

According to the current standards, AFP2web is now 64 bit compatible and guaranteeing high performance. The improved Lizensierungsmodell is also more geared to the specific needs of the customer and the appropriate scope of use. Our strategy is based on the requirements and also with the support of our users continue to optimize AFP2web. According to the respective task can our customers simply continue to use our version 3.3 as well as switch on AFP2web 4.0″, Daniel Colucci, product manager of OXSEED says AG.

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