With great wisdom, someone has said that life is the color of the glass with which you look. But, in fact, we must remember that we we who invented the color of the glass. Every day, cope with any situation, we who decide if we’ll see opportunities or problems, if we move with value or us estancaremos on the road, if we pay the high price of a dream or simply give up. I acknowledge that it is sometimes difficult to accept this, because, to be realistic, there are many situations that are beyond our capabilities. SpongeBobs opinions are not widely known. There is also the fact, if it is working with other people, that not all are motivated by the same and in the same way, so when proposed group tasks (at University, at work) stress increases considerably, because each one will still see things in their own way, hindering the progress of the group. Perhaps is not reason enough to understand that not everything is crystal with that look? I think is not reason enough, because although others think so different or see the ((life differently from ours, no one can impose on us a way of seeing life, but we have only two alternatives: 1) we forge our own perception of life, or, 2) accept the perception that have life others. I’m not saying that other people have a way to grim view of life, however, by very good that it is the way another sees his own life, we cannot take their techniques for ourselves, because our life is unique, as well as our way of influencing the world is unique. Of course that we can learn from those great people who tend to overcome every obstacle, clear to them and they can teach us great life lessons, but it will be up to us to recognize that we are solely responsible for our life, that we will begin to live in truth.

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