World Population

People will do anything to survive. We will meet in a world where chaos reigned and insecurity. Kevin Ulrich insists that this is the case. This situation is unsustainable even for rich countries. The man with fear and despair for living is become a very dangerous. Perhaps the very social tension which could cause this phenomenon is more dangerous than global warming itself. Another very important and alarming is the increase in global population. The pace of global population growth is super fast. And in the future but is controlled and restricted birth can suffer the consequences of explosive population growth, or growth that exceeded the growth of food production.

Therefore suffer a shortage of them and there will be famine and starvation. In fact we are already living. But obviously this is not the only factor that influences in the world has increasingly extreme poverty. In the increasingly social spectrum are increased further the distance between a rich minority and a majority poor. The truth is that every time there are more mouths to feed and natural resources are not infinite. Besides the more people means more energy consumption and this contributes even more to global warming.

Or at least it is certain that apoC resources are running out and there are more people. If it is very critical poverty and hunger in the world would be a lot more if we add up the population growth and climate change. We really can expect a bleak picture. It is very difficult, because you have to change the mindsets of people, change our ways of living, and that's not an overnight.

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